Bariatric Transfers

RNR possesses the only true, fully equipped Bariatric specialty team in Ontario. We offer unique transfer services designed for patients up to 1600lbs, requiring advanced care.  As obesity rates continue to increase in Ontario, the need for accommodating transportation is crucial in safely transferring bariatric patients.  Our customized equipment complies with the Ministry of Health and Long Term Care standards, ensuring patients have a safe and comfortable experience at all times.

Please note: pre-booking is essential for Bariatric transfer, due to the preparation process involved.

How do I make a booking?

Booking with RNR is easy. Call our toll free number (1-866-567-1001) and one of our dispatchers would be happy to assist you. Be sure to have your patient information ready, as well as your payment information.

What are my payment options?

RNR accepts Visa and Mastercard over the phone, or cash upon our crews arrival at the point of pickup.

What information is required when booking?

-Patients name

-Type of transfer (wheelchair or stretcher)

-Pick up location (Facility, Floor, Room Number)

-Drop off location (Facility, Floor, Room Number)

-Appointment Time

-Does the patient have a DNR (Do Not Resuscitate)

-Is the patient on Oxygen, and if so how much

-Patients weight

-Is the patient is under any isolation precautions

-Is there an escort accompanying the patient

Can family travel with the patient on the transfer?

Yes, RNR welcomes family to travel along on patient transfers, providing it does not interfere with  patient care.