What are your hours?
Our dispatch center operates 24 hours per day, 365 days a year. We never close. We can always be reached at our toll free number 1-866-567-1001

How do I make a booking?
Call our dispatch office at (866)-567-1001 or local (705)-327-0070. The dispatcher will ask you a few questions as per the section called “Booking Information Gathered at Dispatch” below.

When should I contact dispatch to book a transfer?
Call our dispatch ASAP. We can then provide more responsive pick-up times, particularly for same day transfers. Last minute bookings and appointments are a specialization for us so we are well prepared for such transfers. However, the more lead time provided for an expected transfer allows for refinement in schedules that benefits all parties involved.

Why do you need my name?
We need to know who booked the call in case we need to do any follow-up calls for that particular transfer.

Why do you ask for the appointment time?
If there is not enough travel time allotted, the patient may miss their appointment. We monitor various daily conditions (such as weather, traffic delays, etc.) and will suggest an earlier time to allow for these elements.

Will RNR honor a DNR order?
Yes. As part of our protocols, we will verify if a patient has a valid DNR during the dispatching process and when our attendants arrive for pick-up. We will require that a copy of the DNR (from the Office of the Fire Marshall) accompany the patient during transfer. All our employees are trained to honor such DNRs.

Why do you require the patient’s weight?
If the patient is in excess of 250 lbs, a secondary crew may be required to safely transfer the patient. By providing the patient’s weight when booking will avoid any delays and ensure the patient’s needs are properly met during the transfer. In addition, RNR now possesses the only true fully equipped Bariatric specialty team in Ontario. If a Bariatric transfer is required, an advance team can be dispatched to assess the situation and ensure a well organized transfer.

Why do you ask for the amount of stairs at a residence?
We ask this question to inform our crews that additional equipment may be required to safely transfer the patient into their residence and/or coordinate a lift assist from a second crew.

Will you transfer a psychiatric patient?
Yes, we will transfer Voluntary and Involuntary patients (Formed Patients). If the patient must be restrained, an escort must be provided by the sending facility.

Do you allow family members to accompany patients?
Yes, in fact we encourage this, as it is usually comforting to the patient.

What do I do if the patient is going to pay?
Have the patient or family member call our office and we will take care of the rest. We accept cash or credit card (Visa or Mastercard).

Do I need to sign anything?
You will need to sign the transfer sheet in two places. The person signing transfers the care of the patient into our care. We also ensure that we receive signatures from the receiving facility confirming transfer of care of the patient and any patient files/documentation.

How do I make or pass on a compliment or concern?
You can contact our office at (705)-327-0070 or management is available 24-7:
o Rob Rivait (Owner)- (705) 309-4678 or rob@rnrpt.com

Does RNR transport Bariatric Patients?
Yes, RNR has a specialized bariatric team and equipment capable of patient transfers up to 1600 lbs. Pre-booking is essential due to the booking of the bariatric truck and the proper personnel to operate it.

Does RNR double patients?
Yes, RNR does have the resources, training and equipment to double patients. The hospital can book this or our dispatch may suggest to double patients. This can assist the hospitals in cost savings and ensure timely and efficient services for patients.

If we want to double patients, what if one patient has a DNR and the other does not?
We will still transfer the patients together provided the person with the DNR is not palliative.

If we want to double patients, what if one of the patients is female and the other is male?
This is acceptable provided there are no issues where a patient’s privacy may be an issue. RNR will always work with hospital staff to ensure proper criteria are taken into account when deciding on the need or acceptability of a double transfer (especially when determining isolation requirements of patients).

Does RNR transfer Isolettes?
Yes we do, provided that a nurse is accompanying the transfer.

What system does RNR have in place to ensure appropriate standards are being maintained?
RNR prides itself in maintaining the highest standards within the private patient transfer industry. As such, we have developed a comprehensive Policies and Procedures Manual, health and safety standards and internal Continuous Training Modules (CTMs). These CTMs allow us to constantly train and refresh our front line staff in various critical functions (such as defensive driving, infection control and Bariatric Transfers) on a regular basis. In addition, our internal Quality Assurance team reviews each Patient Care Report in detail to ensure all steps and procedures were followed and adequately documented. Any concerns from our clients are followed up directly by management in each case and internal protocols are reviewed regularly to ensure policies and procedures are updated and revised where required. RNR is also a current member of CHICA and the LHIN network to ensure relevant changes in infection control and transportation requirements are met by our organization.

What is RNR’s response time?
Because we are one of the largest patient transfer companies in Ontario, with a fleet of over 40 vehicles and expanding, we are able to provide among the best response times in the industry. Not only are we able to provide regular float truck capabilities at various hospitals but we have the versatility to meet your specialized needs with uniquely equipped units in a rapid manner. In addition, our state-of-the-art dispatch system is being continuously upgraded in order to meet our growing client demands.

Booking Information Gathered at Dispatch
• Caller’s first name
• Hospital or Facility calling
• Department
• The date in which the transfer is to take place
• A requested pick up time
• The patient’s appointment time (if required)
• If this transfer requires us to stay and wait for the patient (referred to as a treat and return)
• Patient’s first and last name
• Any DNR information
• Patient’s weight in pounds (if over 250 lbs we would need the exact weight)
• Oxygen required and rate
• Patient precautions (MRSA, VRE, C-diff, etc.)
• Pick up Facility, or residential address; floor, unit/apartment, room, buzzer code
• Any escorts that would be accompanying the patient (I.E. nurse, guard, family)
• Destination Facility including floor, unit/apartment, room, buzzer door code, and number of stairs (if applicable)
• Whether the patient can ambulate or wheelchair to the truck
• A PTAC # will be required at time of pick-up (if applicable)

Who can I contact to give feedback about a service that I have received from RNR?
If you would like to provide feedback about our services please either contact our office at 705-327-0070 or complete one of our Patient Surveys (please visit Local Contact page for the PDF) that you can mail to our office (25 Front Street South, Upper Floor, Orillia) email (helen@rnrpt.com) or hand to one of our staff members.

Is RNR accessible for Ontarian with Disabilities?
RNR is committed to maintaining a high level of service to all customers, including persons with disabilities. RNR will ensure that our staff receive training and are familiar with the ways that we can provide assistance to persons with disabilities while they are accessing our public facilities and/or our services. If you have any questions about or would like a copy of the documents required by the Customer Service Standard  please contact our Office (1-866-567-1001). Please let us know if you would need large print.