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Welcome to RNR Patient Transfer Services Inc.


RNR Patient Transfer Services Inc. offers a reliable and unique alternative to Ambulance services for local and long distance client transfers. Our attendants are highly skilled and courteous professionals, trained to always provide a safe and comfortable means of transfer. If you have any questions or would like to schedule a transfer please contact our dispatch office at 1-866-567-1001.


Offering client-based quality service is RNR’s ongoing commitment to our customers, and we stand by this guarantee in everything we do. Implementing a strategic, proactive approach in our day-to day operations, has contributed greatly to RNR’s success; a proud industry leader in non-urgent, patient transfer services. RNR realizes the unique needs of each client, and therefore we place a strong emphasis on selecting appropriate service providers to join our team.   Our representatives are professionals who understand the degree of involvement in providing specialized, attentive care.


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[h3]Paediatric[/h3] RNR appreciates the unique necessities involved with pediatric transfer, and all equipment is specifically designed to tailor towards the sensitivities of small children and infants.




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[frame style=”modern” image_path=”http://rnrpt.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/05/Bariatric.jpg” link_to_page=”http://rnrpt.com/services/specialty-transfers/bariatric-transfers/” target=”” description=”” size=”four_col_large”][h3]Bariatric[/h3]RNR possesses the only true, fully equipped bariatric specialty team in Ontario. We offer unique transfer services designed for patients up to 1600lbs, requiring advanced care.



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[frame style=”modern” image_path=”http://rnrpt.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/05/Wheel-Chair.jpg” link_to_page=”http://rnrpt.com/services/specialty-transfers/wheelchair-transfers/” target=”” description=”” size=”four_col_large”] [h3]Wheelchair[/h3]RNR offers wheelchair accessible transportation for patients with mobility disabilities. Our vans are equipped to provide a safe and reliable source of door-to-door transportation service.



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[frame style=”modern” image_path=”http://rnrpt.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/05/Stretcher.jpg” link_to_page=”http://rnrpt.com/services/patient-transfers/private-transfers/” target=”” description=”” size=”four_col_large”] [h3]Stretcher[/h3]Whether you’re in need of inter-hospital transfers, admission/dismissal services to or from a hospital, or a scheduled medical appointment, RNR will look after your transfer arrangements every step of the way.


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